Most Singaporeans—or around 80% of the population–reside in public housing. These houses are situated in housing estates – developed neighbourhoods that feature clinics, food centres, recreational facilities, and schools. They are referred to as HDB, or housing that is managed by the Housing and Development Board.

A Quick Overview of the Market

Residents can choose from three-room to five-room dwellings, as well as executive flats. A three-room flat, which features two bedrooms, is about 28 cubic metres in size, whilst a four-room flat with three bedrooms measures around 34 cubic metres. Flats providing five rooms are sized around 39 cubic metres. If you are interested in an executive mansionette, it may feature a double storey. The rest of the population normally lives in private homes, such as condominiums, landed properties, or apartments.

If you are seeking a property, begin your search online by researching 2018 property for sale and for rent in Singapore. You may also want to obtain your current home’s value if you are looking for a home and are a homeowner. You can find out if your home is valued within your target selling price.

Perform a Diligent Search

You can either browse by properties in districts or by the properties in your town. Many people begin their search by browsing the property types. You can find a large number of condominiums in Singapore if you are seeking this type of housing. However, make sure you search diligently. Otherwise, you may end up with a property you do not like.

Whilst is easy to like the first property you see, you should get acquainted with the real estate market before you decide to buy. One way to make this happen is to look at a wide assortment of properties in different locations. The amount of time it takes for you to find a property will depend on several factors. These factors include the frequency of your search, market availability, and your perseverance in searching.

Most people, for instance, can find a condo they like in about a week’s time. Regardless of the type of real estate you are looking for, however, you are making a sizable investment. Therefore, you should make sure that the property closely meets your requirements and needs.

Make Use of Search Filters

You need to remind yourself that buying a home is a long-term undertaking – a commitment that can last for several years, in some cases. Therefore, you need to take advantage of search filters online to find just what you are seeking in terms of price, location, and type.

You can make better financial decisions when you use online calculators, for instance, which determine the fair value of a property. The same tool can also help you locate properties listed below market value, thereby permitting you to find real estate which may be a good investment choice.


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