Corporate housing is a fully furnished rental property. These rental properties normally do not run on a standard yearly lease, but rather a predetermined set of months, detailed in a contract prior to move in. Sometimes, these properties are actually rented out by the month. Typically, normal hotel services will also be provided these corporate housing owners to make the stay easier and more comfortable.

In the past these corporate housing spaces have only been available to the elite corporations. It has been extended to those in the medical field that may need to temporary relocate based on a special medical case or for long term care for specific patients. Government officials also use these. Some officials may not fully live in the capital, but rather travel there when they are needed. They can stay in these corporate housing spaces instead of hotels. Lately, celebrities have chosen to use corporate housing as well to lessen the amount of paparazzi. It keeps them a little more hidden. There are other jobs that may deem corporate housing necessary as well. Sometimes a company simply has a large ongoing project with either another company or a branch campus. The business will then send its employees to the area temporarily to complete the project. Also, a corporation may simply be opening a new branch of its business. They will relocate a lead employee to the new area to oversee the start up and to help train new leadership for that branch.

In more recent years, corporate housing has been extended beyond only corporate use. The increase in natural disasters has left many families stranded and without a home or any of their things. The government and even some insurance companies have made deals with corporate housing owners to use their spaces. The stranded families have been able to stay in these corporate housing spaces for a set amount of time while they look for options of starting over their home. Many people have questioned this decision stating these families have not necessarily lost jobs, so they should be able to simply rent an apartment of some sort until they can figure out a new home. What these people do not realize is that these families not only lost their homes, but also their furniture, appliances, etc. It is not such an easy fix. Some of these families are also too large for a simple extended stay hotel. Also pets sometimes present a problem for these extended stay places, as well.

The corporate housing owners have actually come to help our economy and people in general. By allowing for temporary housing to corporations, businesses are able to expand easier and more often. Also, by helping to provide temporary housing to those affected by natural disasters, they have provided relief and help to those in need. Corporate housing has become a large part of our economy and have truy helped in many different aspects of business, work, and all around living.


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