In certain parts of the country, graffiti is a real problem. Graffiti comes in many different forms; obviously, spray paint is the most well publicised but it’s not the only kind. There are also some graffiti artists who use permanent markers to do their tagging. Others like to etch into glass or stone with the edge of a knife. Some even use acid to etch into the glass windows of stores and offices. If you have a storefront, an office building, or some other building with glass windows, you need to protect them. If you’ve ever tried to scrape away spray paint, you know how difficult it can be. It can be even more difficult to clean spray paint off of glass without damaging the glass. It’s absolutely impossible to clear away scratches or acid etching. Fortunately, there’s a solution to graffiti. You need to prevent it rather than treat it.

Prevent it

You can prevent graffiti in a few important ways. The most effective method is anti-graffiti film in Perth. The anti-graffiti film is a clear film that adheres to the surface of your window and protects it. The film is completely transparent and indistinguishable from the glass surface. It contains an adhesive that binds it to the surface of the glass.

Anti-graffiti film is easier to clean than glass because it is nonporous and does not scratch easily. If you buy the best possible glass, you can even get acid etching protection. Finding a graffiti film that will protect against acid etching is very difficult because the acid used to etch glass eats through many different materials. If you think that acid etching might be a problem in the future, you should choose an anti-graffiti film rated for it.

Cleaning the Graffiti

You can clean the graffiti off of your film if you want; that should be easier than cleaning it off of glass. The adhesive used in the film actually seals up scratches and nicks and helps create a smoother appearance for the window, which makes it easier to clean. Also, it is easier to clean because the film is not susceptible to damage from powerful cleaning agents so you’ll be able to use the most effective cleaning chemicals possible. However, you shouldn’t have to scrub at all.

If you want, you can simply have the graffiti film removed by the installers. They’ll put up new graffiti film and your window will look brand-new. The whole process takes a matter of minutes to have a completely clean window. That’s probably the greatest benefit of graffiti film; you’re able to completely remove graffiti from windows with absolutely no effort. You just peel away the old film and put up new film.


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