The task of finding the perfect house that you can afford can at times be quite troublesome. This is certainly so if you are looking to buy a home or even if you wish to rent one. But, luckily enough, there are some things that you can do that will definitely assist you in determining what you can and cannot afford and where to search for an affordable home in your location.

The first thing to do is work out how much you can afford to spend on rent or a house payment each month. Begin by viewing your monthly net earnings, then multiply the number by 30%. Now, unless you are under a great amount of credit card or some other debt, there is a great chance that you can afford to dedicate that much of your income to a home every month.

Keeping an Eye Out

After you’ve worked out what you can afford in the way of a house payment or rent every month, contact renowned estate agents in Essex. A lot of estate agents also manage rental properties for landlords as well as selling people’s houses. Make sure to contact an agency with the experience and a company based in your area as they will know the territory very well.

By contacting and consulting with a reputable estate agent, you will begin to obtain an idea of what type of affordable housing is currently available in neighbourhoods around your area or one that you’re interested in. Estate agents can also help you with the generation of a land contract or fully comprehending all of the legal language involved in a deed contract.

Two Other Options

  1. The local government housing agency is another resource for cheaper types of housing. While it is true that the quality of public housing may differ from one place to another, it may be worth a look, especially in the case of money not flowing too easily. Agencies of this kind usually have particular qualifications that must be met so as to be accepted, which includes the amount of income you make yearly, the number of persons who will be living in the home, and if you are currently employed.
  2. Remember that not everybody will use an estate agent to sell or rent their home. This means that you may want to take a look at newspaper classifieds and other local printed publications. People may choose to place ads, especially if they only have a few units to deal with.


Don’t be shy about asking for advice if you’re considering the purchase of a new home. A lot of good people you know who have bought homes are usually happy to offer their experiences and some good tips to you, which can help guide you through the entire process.

And later, when you’re standing outside of your new home, you’ll wonder what all the concern was about! Good luck!


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