Taking pictures of your home, evaluating it and featuring it on their website are steps you would expect a professional property sales agent to take. And making sure the details of your flat or house are shown to as many potential buyers as possible can help to achieve a speedy sale, when it comes to Marylebone property sales. It’s important that you get the assistance and expertise of a professional and reliable local property sales agent if you are buying or selling in London’s desirable Marylebone area. Real estate agents handle most of the UK’s millions of property sales each year.

Valuation Is Important

As the seller, you want to get as much as possible for your property, meaning it’s desirable to have the valuation as high as possible. However, it also needs to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, meaning it should be valued at a figure to do just that. As you can see, the valuation process is an important part of any Marylebone property transaction and you want to make sure it’s as accurate and as efficient a process as it can be.

Advertising Is Just As Important

As mentioned, targeting as many potential and qualified buyers as possible is an important part of selling your property, and advertising in the Financial Times and Sunday Times can help achieve that. But that’s only a part of what a good property sales agent will do to market and advertise your home or flat; you can expect to see your property featured on Prime Location, Lonres, Rightmove and other important online property portals. You obviously want to be assured that your home is advertised in the best possible way. The task of arranging for potential buyers to view your property comes next in the process, and you should make sure your property company handles this side of things, rather than leaving it to you to take care of.

If you are selling in Marylebone, you want your sale handled by a company with experience and that you can depend on. Jeremy James is one of the area’s most respected and well established property companies with over three decades of experience putting customers first and ensuring a smooth process. Transferring your property to the purchaser and the completion of the sales deed are two of the fees that are included, helping to minimize the work on your part. To get the best value for your home, contact Jeremy James, the leading Marylebone property sales company.


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