Malta’s booming economy is attracting multinationals by the droves.  This has a spillover multiplier effect of attracting many rich people from America and Europe who want to buy a home, or invest in real estate in Malta.  However, there are many pitfalls these people should avoid when looking at properties they want to buy.  This article will discuss many tips people should know in terms of buying property in Malta, because Malta’s property is for sale!

First of all, because buying real estate is a very involved and emotional process, home buyers should always look for licensed agents with a good reputation who are affiliated with a reputed international real estate agency.  REMAX is one good example.  This will ensure that the home buyers are working with someone who has access to the infrastructure, resources, and information needed to ensure that the buyers end up purchasing a home which fits their budget, and is in line with their expectations for a dream home.  Since real estate agents are really sales representatives and consultants, they are constantly exposed to the most comprehensive classroom and online training programs in the industry making them experts at what they do best – sell dreams!

The second factor home buyers should consider when buying property in Malta is finding a real estate agent who is constantly updated on, and has access to current market trends.  This person should also be able to provide relevant feedback and transparency because home buyers need this information to be able to find the right home for their lifestyles and personalities which also fits into their budgets!

Home buyers should look for agents who work with companies which use methods that are 100% customer focused and oriented, and who are excellent in providing customer service!  These agents must be honest and transparent in their work and actions, and they must explain Malta’s fair and straightforward buying process in language and terms that they can understand.  Home buyers should also seek out a licensed notary from a reputed international real estate company with a good reputation because this is necessary in handling the legal paperwork that is involved in buying a house!

These are some of the many factors home buyers should look for when in the process of buying a house, but the process doesn’t end once the home is chosen, the mortgage has been approved by the bank, and the funds have been transferred.  Home buyers should look for a real estate agent who is good in explaining the terms of the Preliminary Signing Agreement, also known as “The Konvenju.”  The Preliminary Signing Agreement is a very important part of the home buying process because it determines the date upon which the transaction concludes, and it establishes the conditions of the transfer.

As is evident, since buying a home is akin to buying a dream, home buyers should look at many factors, both in the real estate company, and the real estate agent with whom they choose to do business because good choices in both mean being able to invest in their dreams, while bad choices in both can lead to a nightmare that will haunt them for years to come!


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