From a sleepy little town to a bustling residential destination, Avadi has transformed into a delightful locality to live in.

For many years after Independence, the country’s metros were the most population-dense areas with a high concentration of housing and commercial activity. As the need for more space grew with increased population and migration, developers began exploring Tier I and II cities for housing expansion. Further, smaller towns began to be explored for a variety of housing and commercial needs.

However, while the growth of some towns has been haphazard, others have grown systematically over the years. Avadi, located in Thiruvallur District, Chennai, belongs to the latter category. From being an idyllic spot with low housing potential, it has today developed into a premium housing destination in Chennai.

It retains its green character

The town of Avadi is so named after the Avadi River which runs next to it. As is expected from an area that has a large river in its midst, the locality is green and packed with many varieties of flora and fauna. The earliest human activity in the area came from tribes in the forests close to the river, and after Independence, from defence establishments set up on the outskirts.

In the last 20 years, prominent developers began to realise the housing potential of Avadi. However, it was not yet considered an ideal spot for young families – the nearest offices, educational institutions and recreational areas were quite far from the area. From its early beginnings as a retiree haven, however, premium Avadi properties today cater to the middle class families and the jet setting young crowd alike. While still retaining its greenery and natural silence, realty developers have created the best flats for sale in Avadi. You can make the most of the clean air, the high standards of civic cleanliness and large open spaces here.

It’s relatively sparsely populated

Away from the hustle and bustle of Chennai city, buying a flat for sale in Avadi is akin to investing in a great quality of life in a premium luxury apartment. You won’t encounter large crowds in Avadi – as per the 2011 Census, there were only about 3,46,000 residents in all! However, the area is quite well developed today, with high-rise residences and villas on a variety of sizes and budgets. Besides, there are stores, malls, schools, public transport hubs and a few offices close by. All in all, living in Avadi is really awesome!

Buy a flat in Avadi

An investment in an Avadi house is an investment for life. Imagine spending your days in a stunning luxury apartment with greenery all around, and every modern amenity right at your fingertips. Young children get access to open play areas and swimming pools, while older people can enjoy a host of amenities that encourage community interaction.


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