When it comes to production goals, custom sheet metal has been the one to choose for most companies in the UK over the years. Engineers use many specialised tools and techniques to create a specific custom metal sheet that addresses some of the unique issues manufacturers have experienced. You can of course use a stock metal basket  that be produced very quickly and be shipped quickly but there are many real benefits to choosing a customised sheet metal product as an alternative. Here are just some of those great benefits.

  1. Increased Life

One of the major benefits to using sheet metal production is that you can customise the product to meet your specific application and because of this, it is built to put up with and deal with, the many additional stresses of your individual applications. When you have chosen the stock metal option before, they have been created to only a general standard, unlike the customised metal form. The customised metal form that can be gotten from Midland metal products, is a sheet metal manufactured from an alloy that is specifically made to be resistant to the chemicals, the temperatures and any other forces that are involved in your particular manufacturing process.

  1. It’s Compatibile With Your Specific Components

It’s quite usual to use stock sheet metal forms for things like the housings for hard disk drives, but some manufacturers require something a bit more specialised and they might have their own individual designs for their very own processes of production. Therefore, if you customise the shape of the metal and its size, then it allows it to be compatible  with a wide range of specific hardware  and you won’t get this with a pre-existing design.

  1. Increased Efficiency For Processess

If you optimise the particular design of a sheet metal form for a specific process, then you are allowing the process to become much more effective and much more efficient. When you make the sheet metal forms compatible with several other processes, then you are also improving process efficiency as well. The key is to minimise the time that it takes to move from one particular process to the next one. This way, the same baskets or trays can be used without the need to have to move different parts to a different single application tray. When you do it like this, you save at least a couple of minutes each time.

Pays For Itself

In the manufacturing process that has just three transfers, for example, you save two minutes on each of them which amounts to six minutes for each load. Let’s say for example, the manufacturing process can build ten processes during an hour, then your productivity would increase to eleven loads in an hour. This means more products, more time saved, less downtime and most importantly, more profits.

These are only a few of the many advantages custom sheet metal fabrications can bring you. If you compare it to stock processes, then the extra cost incurred using custom sheet will ore than pay for itself over the short term.


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