Are you feeling frazzled and agitated but you still have so much work to do before your big move?

Moving is a huge stressor¬†for any homeowner, even though it should be a celebratory occasion. To keep your stress as low as possible, keep reading. We’ve collected some of the most clever moving hacks that are sure to make your life easier!

  1. Toilet Paper Tubes

Buying organizational systems is expensive, but we all have an excess of toilet paper and paper towel tubes lying around. One of the best moving tips is to save these tubes instead of throwing them away.

They’re perfect for wrapping and organizing all of the loose cords for things like computers and cellphones. No more cord tangles for you!

  1. Vertical Plates

Are you worried about how to pack your plates without them breaking on the drive over to the new house? Instead of stacking them horizontally, sit them vertically in the box.

This eliminates excessive weight on the plates and makes it less likely that they’ll chip or crack while being moved.

  1. Pack in Suitcases and Backpacks

Finding all of the boxes you need for your belongings is a pain. Either you go around looking for old boxes for free or you have to pay for new ones.

Try filling your suitcases and backpacks with belongings before resorting to paying for new boxes. They work well and are easy to carry. Wheeled suitcases are perfect for books, for example.

Plus, friends and family are far more likely to have extras of these lying around than cardboard boxes!

  1. Use a Color-Coded System

You’re already weighed down by thoughts like ‘How do I go about selling my house quickly for cash?’ or ‘Will I even like the new home?’. There’s no reason you need to weigh yourself further by trying to remember which box goes in which room.

Writing on the boxes is a good first step, but one of the best moving tips is to use a color-coded system instead. This way you don’t need to waste time reading the box. You’ll be able to look at the boxes and know instantly which room it needs to go in.

  1. Rubber Band Your Door

One of the biggest headaches during a move isn’t trying to stay organized. It’s the act of moving all those boxes outside the old home and into the new.

A door that always latches behind you will start to grate on your nerves. Loop a rubber band around the handle so that the latch stays pressed in no matter how many times the door closes. It makes it a lot easier to open the door when your hands are full of boxes and it’s one of the top moving tips!

These Moving Hacks Will Help Lower Your Moving Day Stress

By using these moving hacks, you’ll find that there aren’t as many things to agitate you. It’ll make the entire process easier and you’ll have no trouble getting moved into your new home.

Try them out so that you enjoy your move instead of dreading it!

For all your real estate needs, make sure to check out the rest of our blog to stay informed!


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