When you’ve completed the purchase and you’re excited to move into your new home, there’s still plenty to get done. So, you’ll need to find the energy to push through as it’s not yet time to relax on the sofa. 

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Here are four tips for when moving into your new home. 

Change the Locks

Even though you’ve been handed the keys to your new kingdom, the reality is that you don’t know who’s had a set of those keys previously. The last thing you want is someone able to unlock the door and walk straight in when they feel like it.

Therefore, one of the first orders of business is to get the locks changed. Because you’re relocating your valuable possessions into your new place, get the locks changed on moving day. It provides peace of mind and it’s not overly expensive to get sorted out. 

Improve the Water Supply

Tap water tastes a little different around the country. If you’ve previously been reliant on using water straight from the kitchen faucet, it’s time to stop. However, if your older water filtering system was left installed in your previous residence, then it’s time to organize a replacement for your new place. 

The best watertop filters are those from a reliable brand that won’t let you down. Water top filters are an improvement over using water pitchers or fitting a filter over a kitchen faucet because of their higher capacity and less clogging problems with a hard water supply. 

Check the Utilities Early

The changeover of the utilities from one owner to the next doesn’t always happen as smoothly as expected. It’s also possible that local utilities work via an escrow system before accounts get switched and the electric and gas are turned on. Stay on top of the situation to get the utilities on sooner. 

Also, consider the phone and broadband connection too. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, verify which cell carriers have the best coverage in your new home. Ensure you have a working SIM card and data package to keep you connected until your broadband is up. Verify that tethering is available to get your home PC able to access the internet, not just your phone. 

Also, redirect the old phone number to your smartphone line to avoid missing calls during the changeover. 

Hit Up the ATM

There will be moving people coming and going on the big day. Also, various delivery people bringing items that you’ve only just realized are needed. 

To cover eventualities with cash on delivery deals or gratuities for speedy deliveries, it’s a great idea to make a trip to the ATM. This way, you’ll have some cash on you when it’s needed. Break the money down to smaller bills in a convenience store to better control how large a tip you give people. 

Be prepared for a bit of inconvenience for a few days after your moving day. There are always things that got forgotten and follow-ups needed to get everything how you want it. Unpacking and setting up also require more time than planned too.


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