Think about moving and selling your home? Then you’ll need to attract potential buyers. Home improvements become a necessity – not unless your house is in tip-top shape. However, since you’re planning on moving out and start anew, you wouldn’t want to exhaust a tremendous amount of time and money. What you need to do is to start spending your cash smartly to make the most out of your time, money and effort.

The following are smart home improvements that will help sell your home in no time.

Consider getting a professional landscape artist.

A beautiful landscape is now a must-have in every home. Imagine walking towards a house with untrimmed grass, weeds taking up space of flower beds, leaves scattered all over the yard and a broken irrigation system. Would you still want to go inside? Chances are, your first impression will be a bad one. You can avoid this by hiring a professional to do your landscaping for you. Not only will it adds curb appeal to your home, but it can increase your home value as well.

Give it a fresh new color.

Painting your walls a fresh new color is the easiest and probably one of the most affordable ways of adding aesthetics to your home. It doesn’t only give your home a different look and feel, but by painting the exterior of your house, you are, in a way, protecting it from harsh elements. The best reason to paint before you sell? The ROI or Return of Investment can reach up to a whopping 141%.

Replace old fixtures that need to go.

There is no need to hold on to things that will only turn off prospective buyers. You can always replace old and dirty fixtures with beautiful yet affordable ones that will match and complement the style of your home. It won’t also hurt to add excellent bathroom additions such as a Brondell Swash 1400. What a pleasant surprise would it be for buyers to find a sleek bidet seat when they take a peak on your gorgeous bath?

Add mirrors to add visual space.

Home buyers love the idea of a broad and bright space. Strategically placed mirrors can solve your dilemma if you have a small home or has a particular room that looks and feels dark and tiny,  Mirrors are an excellent tool in giving the illusion that a room a much larger and brighter than it is. There are many tricks you can do to optimize mirrors by adding visual square footage.

Get rid of those popcorn ceilings.

Most popcorn ceilings contain harmful materials like asbestos, making it a no-no in many homes. It may have been very popular back in the days, but many potential buyers would gladly walk out that door once they see popcorn ceilings on open houses. It is best to call experts to test and remove your popcorn ceilings for you.

When it comes to home improvements, one doesn’t need to spend much more than what is required. One only needs to be wise and smart to make sure you’ll be able to market your home effectively. By keeping in mind the five tips listed above, you’re sure to sell your home a lot faster in and a much higher price.


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