If you own a home in Marbella, you can consider yourself lucky. This resort city in Costa del Sol area of Spain is known for its beautiful beaches, clubs, restaurants, and nightlife. Once a sleepy fishing village, Marbella has come a long way forward to be recognized as one of the top tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Buying a property in Marbella is the dream of wealthy investors from around the world. This is both because of increasing property prices here and strong holiday rentals Marbella.   Here are 5 ways to add value to your home in Marbella and to make it more attractive for the tourists looking for short term rentals.

  1. Create more living space

One of the best ways to enhance value to your property in Marbella is to add living space to it.  You can enlarge the kitchen or go in for an extra bedroom to create extra living space in your villa. You can also create outdoor living space for relaxation and recreation during summer months.

  1. Make your home more energy efficient

One of the features loved by buyers looking for a home in Marbella is energy efficiency. Owners who have installed appliances and gadgets that are energy efficient find it easy to fetch a high price when selling property in Marbella. As energy prices are going up, buyers prefer to buy a home that has a high energy rating. You can install solar energy panels, better insulation, and double glazing to make your home in Marbella more energy efficient.

  1. Go for a paint job

This is the easiest and the least expensive way of adding value to your home. Freshly painted walls and exteriors transform the looks of your home and make it fresher and inviting for the visitors.

  1. Clean and de-clutter

While every home owner tries to keep his property neat and clean all the time, it is important to get rid of all the clutter also. Remove all unnecessary household items that you do not need or do not use to create empty living space.

  1. Improve the curb appeal of your property

One way to make your Marbella property stand out from the rest in Marbella is to make efforts to improve its curb appeal. Get rid of trash, prune the shrubs and remove dead leaves in the garden to present a neat and clean look to your visitors. Clean the driveway and place colourful flowering plants in pots to make your exteriors beautiful and attractive.

So regardless if you are selling a villa in Marbella, a Penthouse in Nueva Andalucia or an apartment in San Pedro de Alcántara, make sure your property is in tip top shape so your chances of selling your property fast are much greater than that of your competition.

If you need any advice on what you can do to increase the value of your home and sell your property fast, you should contact a reputable estate agent such as DB Marbella Real Estate. They have the experience, the portfolio and above all the knowledge to make sure your property sells fast and for a better price!


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