Although you may think that needing to hire or make use of scaffolding is solely the preserve of construction companies, scaffold hire is actually a very useful way for any homeowner to better access the upper perimeter of their property.

Whether your gutters need clearing of built up debris or you need to carry out repair work to the structure of your roof, making use of scaffolding is always going to provide a safer method of access than a ladder.

In this guide, we’re going to provide an overview of hiring scaffolding to help you get the most from your hire experience.

The Different Types of Scaffolding Available

  • Scaffolding Poles

The most common type of scaffolding that you are likely to have come across is the typical pole variety which is formed of a series of interlinked scaffolding poles which are then fitted out with timber scaffolding boards.

This type of scaffolding can be erected as high as necessary with an upper limit of approximately 25 metres, making it perfect for residential dwellings and other forms of low to mid rise construction.

  • Scaffold Towers

Another very useful type of scaffolding is the mobile scaffold tower which comprises of a fixed tower with an internal staircase system and a set of wheels, allowing high level access to a variety of spaces.

This type of scaffolding is typically available no higher than around 10 metres in height, making it perfect for indoor use where access is required to areas with high ceilings.

Tasks You Might Require Scaffolding For

As mentioned, scaffolding is perfect for providing safe and easy roof access. The maintenance jobs you could use scaffolding for include;

  • Repairing your chimney by way of replacing any lost brickwork or coping stones. You could also repoint any mortar joints as required.
  • Repairing or cleaning out your guttering system.
  • Replacing missing or broken roof tiles.

Scaffold Hire Costs

The cost of scaffold hire will differ considerably depending on where you are in the country with large cities often costing more. There are also several other factors which will affect the price you pay which include;

  • Hire Length – Scaffolding is usually hired for between 6-8 weeks. Any longer and your costs will increase.
  • Scaffolding Hight – The higher you’re going and the more lifts you require, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Special Access – If you require the spanning of a difficult to access area, you can expect to pay more due to the requirement for a non-standard scaffolding arrangement.

Obtaining Quotations

It is always a good idea to obtain at least three quotations to ensure that you receive the most competitive price. There are several scaffolding companies operating across the UK with Abee Hire being just one of them which receives favourable customer feedback. Depending on where you are in the country, we would suggest conducting a web search and narrowing down suitable scaffolding companies.

If you don’t feel confident enough to be able to safely access your roof, always leave it in the hands of the experts.


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