The simple answer to this question is no; however, even a leaking tap should be repaired as quickly as possible, as constantly dripping water can damage stainless steel and porcelain. Here is a list of plumbing issues that are classed as emergencies.

  • A Burst Water Pipe – Obviously, this requires that you turn off the water supply as soon as you can, then call the 24 hour plumbers in Bishops Stortford, who will be at your property sooner rather than later. Even a slightly leaking joint can cause quite a bit of damage if not repaired promptly, so take no chances with a leaking pipe.
  • A Drain Blockage – Whether partial or total, a blocked drain is no joke, and you should not flush any toilets or indeed, run any water until the blockage has been cleared. Dealing with a blocked drain can be very challenging, as before unblocking, you first have to identify the location, which can be as hard as actually unblocking the drain. The emergency plumber uses CCTV technology to pinpoint the blockage, which eliminates the need for digging up half the garden.
  • Central Heating Breakdown – Unless it happens to be the middle of the summer, losing your heating is not an option, as this also means you will be without hot water. In most cases, a central heating malfunction is connected to the boiler, and with a 24-hour plumber who is gas safe, you can be sure of prompt repairs.

A plumbing emergency is something that requires immediate attention, and if you do not have a regular plumber, a Google search is the quickest way to locate a professional emergency plumber.


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