Creating a peaceful backyard for you and your family to enjoy is likely high on your priority list. There are so many cool options out there to choose from it can be difficult to decide. We’re going to help you figure out the right type of garden structure to purchase to make your backyard a place to enjoy spending time at. 

Pergolas are the first garden structure we’re going to discuss. You may hear this term commonly interchanged with a patio cover as they both refer to the same type of structure. This is described as a free-standing or attached structure that has a semi-open roof and is supported by posts or columns. These structures lack a solid roof and are utilized to provide filtered shade to a patio or walkway. Many owners choose to put flowers and growing vines along the posts and roof of these structures. 

Next up we have the gazebo. This an octagon-shaped freestanding structure with a pitched roof. It typically comes with open sides that allow for pleasant views of the scenery. There are many specific types of gazebos, the most common being Amish gazebos. These are perfect for providing you with adequate shade on those sunny days while still allowing you a stellar view. In some cases, gazebos may be enclosed with screens to prevent bugs depending on the specific area. 

Another popular garden structure that you may want to use is the pavilion. This can also be referred to as a Ramada. This is similar to a pergola in that it’s a freestanding structure, however, it comes with a closed roof. This provides a great place to escape the rain and the beating rays of the sun, but still, enjoy taking in the view with open sides. These are most commonly placed over outdoor eating areas and fireplaces. 

If growing plants or flowers is of interest to you and your family, then a greenhouse may be a great choice for your backyard structure. Greenhouses create a microclimate that allows you to grow flowers and other plants, such as fruits and vegetables, regardless of what the outside weather is like. These enclosed structures can be built in customizable sizes so that you can get the right size to fit your backyard space.

If you’re not interested in purchasing a large garden structure, then an arbor may be the right choice for you. An arbor is a small frame that supports climbing plants. These can be referred to as trellises and they tend to be placed on walkways. The traditional arbor was one that had an arch at the top, however, more modern arbors have flat roofs. These provide a great support for your growing plant and a picture perfect view of your garden. 

Sprucing up your backyard can be a fun experience for the whole family. As you can see from the list above, there are many different types of garden structures for you to choose from. We suggest first starting with what you’re looking to do in your backyard, then finding a structure that helps you accomplish that.


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