Fences not only create boundaries but they also safeguard properties and add privacy. That is why various fence styles are popular with homeowners. Fences create a nice escape and ensure an extra sense of security. Fences also provide that extra kerb appeal, something that is important if you are selling your house.

Fencing Types

Fencing comes in various forms and styles and can be used on residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties. You can also choose from the following fence types when you contact affordable fencing services in West Lothian:

  • Wooden fencing
  • Steel fencing
  • Weld mesh fences
  • Wire-lock fencing
  • Metal fencing
  • Wire fencing

Garden Fence Recommendations

The fence is indeed important, especially when you are installing it around your garden. Not only does it keep uninvited wildlife out of your yard but it serves to make the garden a more inviting place. The following fences are often preferred for a garden installation:

  • A fence featuring a standard waney-edge panel made of horizontal wood strips. This fence is an economical choice.
  • A fence featuring feather-edge panels is recommended when used with concrete posts. The strips of wood feature vertical designs.
  • A fence with decorative panels is favoured as well. You can create a stunning look by including a curved trellis along the top of the fence.

The longest-lasting garden fence is one that is feathered with wooden posts or constructed by nailing vertical boards to the frame. Another option is a closed feather-edge panel design with concrete posts. You may also want to include gravel boards in your fence’s design. The boards serve as a protective barrier between the fence and ground and are made to prevent wood rot.



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