Professional carpet cleaning can do everything from eliminating pollutants and breathable toxins in your carpet to making your carpet look brand new again.

Beginning with an assessment of your carpet, cleaners determine the most appropriate route and cleaning method, and strive to complete the job in a timely manner for minimal disruption to your already busy life.

When you consider the amount of dirt harboured by your carpet and how much of it is unknowingly stirred up by simply walking, professional carpet cleaning becomes much more attractive. Homeowners can greatly benefit from these services that dramatically improve the air quality.

Professional carpet cleaning a step-by-step process that results in a carpet that is unrecognisably clean upon completion.

Dry Soil Removal

Before any hardcore carpet cleaning takes place, professional cleaning typically begins with a thorough vacuuming, which is intended to remove any loose dirt and dust from the carpet fibres.

Vacuuming is a normal chore for homeowners, but professional cleaners usually have professional-grade equipment able to lift more dirt than standard vacuums. Doing this not only improves air quality and promotes a healthier home, but the rest of the cleaning process much easier as well.

Soil Extraction

The next step is to perform a deeper clean to separate dirt particles from the carpet fibres, which typically involves spraying the carpet with professional cleaning solutions followed by a steam clean or other deep-cleaning method.

Spot Stain Removal

Targeting individual stains usually happens before any deep cleaning, but additional spot stain removal may be necessary after the cleaning and before the carpet dries completely.

Removing stains is part of the comprehensive service provided by carpet cleaning in Gloucester, and expert cleaners know how to attack stains properly and with the right products.

Lifting Your Carpet Up

Part of this happens naturally during vacuuming, but additional brushing and padding can help raise matted or flattened carpets to enhance the appearance. This combined with cleaning results in a carpet that looks and feels like a brand-new carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaners have plenty of knowledge about cleaning carpets, but their knowledge also extends to other cleaning services, including upholstery and furniture.

Cleaners are extremely skilled when it comes to identifying fabrics and determining the most appropriate cleaning method for those particular fabrics. This is oftentimes necessary to avoid damaging or permanently staining material, and this applies to carpets as well.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial properties can especially benefit from professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, and services may include pub seating, hotel carpet cleaning, rugs, and office cleaning, though any area that contains a carpet or furniture can be cleaned by professionals, and a professional setting more than deserves a professional cleaning.

Keeping You and Your Home Healthy

Breathing in the dirt and dust within your carpet can be damaging in the long run, but having your carpet professionally cleaned dramatically improve conditions.

If you choose to take advantage of the many cleaning services offered by these professionals, you can live cleaner and ultimately live healthier, and an exceptionally clean house is much easier to keep up with.


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