Letting go of your home and putting it up for sale is never easy, especially if you have lived in it for so long. However, there may come a time when deciding to sell it necessary. For whatever reason, whether you need the extra funds, are moving to another state, or simply have to give it up in favor of a newer one, you will need the assistance of a professional who can give you the best value possible.

When it comes to the practicality of selling, the house’s sale appeal is as important as its monetary value. While every home owner wants the highest price for their property, this can take a lot of time. If you need the money now and do not want to be bothered with setting it up and making it more attractive to the market, the smartest choice would be to go with a real estate purchaser.

Covenant Properties is one of the most highly recommended real estate buyers in the the Louisville KY market today. The company is known for its impressively transparent appraisal process and the speed by which they close a sale for you. Unlike real estate agents, who find interested buyers and just take a commission of the final price, a Covenant actually buys your property up front and with cash. The process is simple and seamless.

The role of a property buyer is to find a home or site that they find of value according to their pre-set criteria. The company then offers a price for the real estate and transacts with the owner directly. After the sale, the buyer  invests into the property to renovate and upgrade it to sell for a higher price. This is how the company earns its profits. In short, the gains are not taken from the house owner and the latter takes the amount in full. Covenant even pays for the closing fees for the transfer of ownership. If you are interested in knowing more about their services, you can find them here.

How does selling to a property investor make more sense? The entire process of selling a home amidst an ocean properties for sale in the US alone can be very tedious and frustrating. It will take months, some even years, and you will need to spend money, time, and effort in making sure your house is attractive enough for someone to be interested in it. That’s not to mention the fees you need to pay the agent who will be handling the viewings and paperwork. If you want a stress-free and hassle-free sale process, property buyers make perfect sense.

The downside to a real estate buyer is that your home will be paid for at a price that is lower than its market value. While money is a non-negotiable issue for some, there are many that need the money now and appreciate the reduced amount of stress involving the transfers after. Plus, companies like these pay in cash outright. If you are selling because you need to relocate fast or have an emergency expense, this helps a lot.

Do you want to see how Covenant spruces up old homes and makes them look beautiful again? Or are you a new home buyer looking a freshly upgraded house? See their recommendations here.


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