Buying a home requires a lot of research. You need to research your credit history, home loan options, and estimate how much you can afford for your monthly repayments.

Along with these details, you also need to research the property that you are interested in buying. While the property may look great on the surface, homeowners often try to cover up specific details to make their homes more attractive to buyers.

Here are the most common issues that homeowners attempt to hide from buyers. Which can be obtained with a free property report. These property reports are not the same as the pre purchase inspection.

Water Damage

Significant water damage can be costly to repair. Instead of tearing out mouldy ceilings or walls and replacing the damage, a homeowner may try to hide the issue by painting over it.

Water damage is not something that will go away on its own. If the cause of the water damage is left untreated, mould spores can quickly spread through the property. These mould spores can cause wood rot and other issues, including health and safety concerns.

Problems with Pests

Homeowners may also try to hide the presence of pests from potential buyers. While Australia is home to a wide variety of big and small critters, no one wants to buy a house that is infested with possums, mice, cockroaches, or ants.

Instead of solving the pest problem, a homeowner looking for a quick sale may try to hide the issue. They can sweep away the pest droppings or remove any pest traps before showing the home to a potential buyer.

Failing Mechanical Systems

Most homes are equipped with a water heater and a boiler. While you can determine the age of an appliance by taking a close look at the labels, homeowners may try to hide any current issues with the heater or boiler.

For example, a homeowner may not disclose that the water heater takes a long time to heat water due to its age. They may also neglect to discuss any problems with the boiler. A qualified inspector can help uncover these issues before you make an offer on the home.

Issues with the Neighbourhood

While the previous issues are all physical problems with the house, a homeowner may also try to hide any issues concerning the neighbourhood.

If you are not familiar with the area, the homeowner may try to hide details related to crime, the quality of schools in the area, and upcoming changes to zoning or construction in the area. These details can impact the quality of life that you will have after you purchase the home.

Order a Detailed Property Report

If you want to learn more about a property, there are several steps that you can take. During the buying process, you will have the opportunity to have the home inspected by a qualified inspector. However, you can get started earlier by ordering a free property report. SA.GOV.AU offer details on property reports.

A property report contains vital information that is usually only available to realtors. Learn more about the location before making an offer on the home.


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