Trained realty agents can create a valuable experience for those buying homes or those with houses for sale. For those considering a new home purchase, the changing housing market has transformed the way real estate is presented and sold. Sellers cannot simply hang out the for-sale sign, but instead, they must be prepared to present their home and demonstrate its quality. This has translated into a great advantage for buyers; however, it can also help the seller showcase the investments they’ve made in their home.

Another trend resulting from today’s competitive real estate market is that realty agents must differentiate themselves and offer more value as the agent selling the home. Real estate agents can no longer afford to merely show homes to potential buyers, so many are now becoming knowledgeable consultants. This translates into a strong advantage for those looking to buy a home.

Critical for realtors are expertise regarding all elements of the home’s structure, such as the exterior facade, whether brick, stone or siding, as well as roofing, windows, and doors. This knowledge translates into quality assurance to the homebuyer. The realtor who understands energy efficient, high-quality building materials is advising homebuyers about more that the home’s structure, he or she is assuring the buyer about the comforts and peace of mind their potential new home has to offer.

For those considering selling their homes, it’s a powerful advantage to join forces with a real estate agent who is versed in the elements that increase the value of a home. A trained realtor can help buyers focus on the positive aspects of a home while diminishing the tradeoffs. Elements such as windows and doors should not only be viewed as a structural necessity but as creating beauty and suitability. Just as a home’s entry door can set the tone and personality of a home, beautifully detailed windows can add charm and character that transcends the investment.

In fact, windows are one of the first and most important cues that people use to judge the quality of a home’s maintenance and building materials. Choosing the right windows and doors offers more potential than merely increasing resale value, which in this environment, may be challenging. The right windows and doors can help a home sell faster or act as a bargaining chip that ensures the sellers meet their asking price. It may help tip the scale if buyers are torn between two homes. The professional realtor will be able to point out these advantages as the buyers make their way through the decision process.

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