Apartment living is the perfect lifestyle for many singles, couples, and families. Depending on the building and unit you choose, you can have a variety of built-in amenities, on-site parking, and be located in some of the best areas for a much smaller price tag than a fully detached house.

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The one thing that people are quick to realize about apartment living, however, is that often there is much less living space than in a detached home. Take for example one bedroom apartments in Omaha. While you still may have a living room, kitchen, dining space, washroom, and bedroom, they can be much smaller than what you’d find in a house. With that said, there are a number of tips you can use that will help you to maximize the amount of space you do have, as we will discuss.

Create Specific Areas of the Apartment

While open concept living may seem cool in theory, it can sometimes make the space feel more closed in. When it comes to small spaces you’ll find that creating areas and zones can help to actually make it feel as though you have more rooms in the apartment. These zones can be created using bookshelves and screens as walls, the placement of the furniture, and even the paint and décor.

Ditch the Oversized Furniture

Oversized furniture is tricky in detached homes, never mind in smaller spaces. If your entire room is taken over by a couch or a bed, then it’s going to feel closed in and tight. By choosing more streamlined, less bulky furniture pieces, you will instantly create more space in the room. If possible, you will also want to get rid of pieces that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Get Rid of Your Own Clutter

People tend to collect things over time and there’s a good chance that at least some of those items are things you don’t need or want. Rather than allow them to take up space in your apartment, a good decluttering can have a big impact on the available space you’ve got. For those items you still want to keep, find a way to keep them stored in an organized and space-saving manner.

Trick the Eye

There are also design tricks you can use that help to create a sense of grandness and space, even if the room is quite small. Things such as mirrors strategically placed, cupboards that go all the way up to the ceiling and hanging drapes from the floor to ceiling all help to draw the eye up and create an illusion of space.

Investigate Folding Furniture

If you’ve never heard about or seen folding furniture, now is the time to change that. Folding furniture is one of the best things to happen to apartment dwellers as it gives you the seating, storage, and table space you need, but only when you need it. When not in use, folding furniture can be folded down and stored out of sight.

The Space You Didn’t Know You Had

By using these tricks and tips you may just discover you had more space than you originally thought.


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