Your bedside tables in Australia may be surrounded by a range of different styles, with the most common one being the high gloss black lacquer finish. This is perhaps the most popular and most common style that you will find in bedside tables in Australia.

These are quite affordable and not much more than your standard everyday use. They offer all the amenities of a traditional bedside table. This includes glass fronts and leg dividers, which are found in every model.

A variation on the black lacquer finish is the polished nickel look, which is very stylish and contemporary. This gives a very sophisticated look to the table and if you wish it to have the same finish as your other furniture in your room, then this can be easily achieved by polishing it.

High gloss black Matt finishes are also offered by some of the best manufacturers of bedside tables Australia. There are also some semi-gloss finishes and there are some more unusual finishes available as well.

IKEA bedside table assembly

In terms of the bases and the baseboards, you will find that there are some attractive designs available for high gloss black lacquer bedside tables. It is possible to buy white and redwood bases, as well as wooden bases with the backs, painted to blend in perfectly with the bedside tables.

You can get Matt’s black painted backs, wooden bases, or painted wooden bases. The Matt black design matches quite well with the black lacquer finish, but if you want a painted wooden base you have the choice of either a lacquer painted design or a matte painted design.

In terms of choosing the table legs, you can get a black lacquer or a Matt black finish for your table legs, as well as brushed aluminum legs, painted legs, or mirrored legs. Depending on the size of your table, you may need some different sets of legs.

You can also buy some attractive looking plastic unit with glass backs, which is quite trendy and modern. They come in various colors and can be bought in a range of sizes, such as a small mini-unit or the larger style of a country-style bedside table.

The most unique feature of these plastic units is that they come with built-in mirrors, which makes them perfect for when you are sharing the room with someone else and want to see each other without having to bend over. With a mirror, you can see someone else without them seeing you.

You can get this type of top as a single piece, or you can choose to get two top pieces that are made from one material. It all depends on what you feel more comfortable with.

If you are looking for some glass fronts and a mirror, then you have the choice of either a metallic and some chrome designs or a black finish and some white. It is all up to personal preference.

There are many different designs, finishes, and styles available for high gloss black lacquer bedside tables in Australia. You will find it hard to resist buying one for your bedroom.

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