Should you be fortunate enough to own a hot tub, then you already know about all of the things that you should and shouldn’t do when in and about your hot tub, things like safety, care and maintenance.

But, if you’re one of those who wants to join this unique club and are soon going to get one fitted, try doing a little research into how to fully enjoy your tub experience. Things like – How long should I stay in my hot tub? Is it safe to drink any alcohol? What about children in the Jacuzzi?

Let’s have a peek at what you should do prior to entering your wonderful steaming tub.

  1. Have a Shower
  • It’s a good idea to have a nice soapy shower in order to minimise any health risks, because if you have any kind of oils or moisturisers on your body, they may with time build up in the tub.
  • In colder climates, it’s not really that necessary to drain your tub, which helps in saving yourself extra costs for any repair bills by rinsing off before and after.
  1. Try Limiting Your Tub Time
  • If possible limit your soak times to around 15 to 20 minutes and then try cooling down and re-entering if you so wish.
  1. Ventilation
  • Should your hot tub be inside your home and incorrectly ventilated, you can experience some throat or eye irritation. Having natural ventilation or using an extractor fan will fix that. Consult with the experts at a hot tub company in Surrey, about anything with regards to top quality hot tub products and more.
  1. Alcohol Usage
  • You’d think after watching films and TV that anyone who enters a hot tub must have a drink in their hand! However, you really should refrain from alcohol before or during quality hot tub time due to it making you drowsy and even lead to an accident.
  1. Wise Up if you’re Pregnant
  • All pregnant ladies should consult with a medical professional before getting into a tub.
  1. Handrails and Non–Slip Surfaces are Essential
  • Handrails and non-slip surfaces are extremely important issues here. They will minimise the chances of slipping and sliding over. Remember that a wet surface is normally slippery, so please take good care when entering and leaving your tub.
  1. Make Use of the Cover
  • Cover it up when it’s not in use and that goes for both empty and full. Securely lock it if you have any children or pets around.
  1. Test the Water’s Temperature Before you Enter
  • Just put your hand in the water to test it prior to entering your tub to ensure that it is both comfortable and not too hot.
  1. Contact Lenses
  • Remove contact lenses before entering your hot tub, you will get steamed up you wouldn’t want to lose one would you?
  1. That’s Simple!
  • Have a great time!

Make the most of your little piece of heaven at your home.


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