There are plenty of dishonest people all around the world who post certain bogus listings on websites on various popular housing sites. Besides wasting time with these fake listings many prospective renters often lose their money too.

If you want to spot any fake posting in Brantford house listings then look for the following five signs.

It is too personal

In case, you find in the listing that they are more interested to collect your personal information rather than telling much about the property then you must be cautious. 

All these personal details will be needed at much later stage and should not be the starting point and only after settling down, the landlord may enquire about your salary details or personal ID.

This may be a clever strategy to steal your personal information and identity and use it for certain illegal activities. You must stay away from such kind of listing. 

It is not personal enough

Often you may come across a seller of the property mentioning his status as either “out of state” or “out of country”. We suggest that you must ignore such candidate. 

Another scam often found where landlord says that he is either travelling or he is living some where else. After that their next request will be to wire money at a specified location and thereafter you do not hear anything from them.

You must be extremely cautious while dealing with such party unless they give enough information about them with either photo identity or names in the listing.

The numbers do not add up

Often house hunting can become an emotional process, and if you have not hired any broker then you have to do the necessary homework. If you find any property which is valued too low as compared to the market value then be little suspicious.

Same thing is also true if you notice that broker’s fee is priced much below the actual market price. 

Quite often you will find discrepancy in the house numbers too. You may end up finding a number which does not exist at all.   

There is a great sense of urgency

It is obvious that any last-minute house hunters will be most frustrated and are quite desperate for some house and often they are the people who get scammed. However, if the desperation is also seen in the listing then you have to be little careful. 

If you have hired any real estate agent then ask them to verify every detail and also contact the person by meeting them to confirm that all the information provided in the listing are correct.

Photos look too fishy

Checking the photos can also reveal the fictitious listing and which is not too difficult to find. Particularly you must focus your attention to the floors of the house. 

Floors all throughout any apartment must be consistent 95% of the time. Therefore, in case you can spot floors in number of different colors or patterns, then it is certainly a fake.


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