The number of leads is the gauge to success of every Realtor and a real estate website is a good thing to start with in generating those leads.Having a website is so important for a Realtor to bring continues leads and new customers in their real estate business . Most Realtor websites that I saw have not customized well and optimized at the same time. That means that these websites are not yet receiving leads from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. (For more information about home buying and selling in Utah, visit Real Estate Utah )

A well customized website will separate yours from your competitors, and make a difference by making it more appealing to the eye of each and every visitor. Expect an endless leads if your website looks great, clean and well-organized. Proper optimization should be your next step after you successfully customize your website Keyword plays an important role in website optimization. The often you will be search in your niche market if the main keywords of choice are much better.

We know that time is always an issue with the Realtors leaving them no time to handle these tasks. But can make it still happen by hiring an expert web designer that can customized and at the same time includes keywords on each of the visible page content, images, title and header. In every page contents the use of H1 and H2 tags for the headings and every first word of the sentences of each paragraph to capture the attention of Google spiders is a must. But a thing to remember about Google is that it isn’t capable of identifying web images . To be able to identify by Google include a title, description and tags to all the images used in your website. (For more information about home buying and selling in Utah, visit Ogden Utah homes for sale

If your hired web designer knows about internet marketing he or she might also know the importance of Meta description and Meta keywords in every website page, keywords must not only be included in visible pages.

When website optimization being done properly that includes title, title tags, content, page, Meta keywords and Meta description will later on bring the attention of search engine spiders. The search engine spiders will then recognize your website keywords and niche, so that every time that people search for that keywords and terms a possibility that they will be taken into one of your website pages. (For more information about home buying and selling in Utah, visit Roy Real Estate

Lastly, before I end it up, take note that it will confuse the search engine spiders if you will use the same title and title tags in the pages that you have. It will end you up losing all the possible leads and commissions.


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