Living in an apartment or a small-to-medium sized house, though having a lot of advantages, poses a huge problem in terms of closet space. Very few residents of such houses can boast of large walk-in closets. A majority deal with limited storage space and a whole lot of clutter in tiny closets. It’s impossible to increase the size or dimensions of a closet without tearing down some walls, but it is very possible to make a small closet seem huge and large with zero construction and a little attention to detail. The following ideas suggest practical steps to make that tiny closet look bigger than it actually is.


Declutter your closet

A cramped and cluttered space would always feel confined and small, but a clutter-free room gives the illusion of space. Most times, the closet is littered with items you stopped using a long time ago or things you rarely need or use. To effectively declutter your closet, remove everything from the closet, sort the removed items into piles of what is important and what is not, and put only the needed items back into the closet. The unimportant or unwanted items can be donated to charity or sold off at yard sales, online auction sites (such as eBay), and local fairs if they are still valuable. If the item in question is damaged beyond simple repair, then simply toss it into the garbage can.

Paint with light colors

Using dark, bold colors on your walls and ceilings tends to absorb the light coming into the closet. Light, neutral colors such as white, beige, or pale gray have the opposite effect. They help to reflect the light in the closet and brighten the entire space. The end result is a spacious and airy feel.

Organize the contents of your closet

To maximize the limited space of a small closet, organization is key. Similar items should be grouped together, and each group should be allocated a specific storage space. This arrangement ensures quick and easy access to any item and gives the impression that the closet has adequate space.

Invest in smart and creative storage options

A tiny closet is exactly that: tiny. So, to effectively store all what you need and still present an illusion of space, there is the need for creativity while storing and organizing. Make use of every available space; shelves and hooks on the walls, clothing racks suspended from the ceiling, and shoe racks hung at the back of the door. Nesting hangers for clothes are also highly recommended as they require very little space and help keep your closet organized.


Making a tiny closet look spacious is a continuous process. It requires conscious effort, discipline, and consistency. Items should always be kept in their allocated spaces or the closet will get cluttered up in no time. The decluttering process should be repeated after a considerable period of time to get rid of items that are no longer useful. Finally, always be on the look-out for inexpensive closet organization hacks or systems to help keep your closet well-organized and spacious.

Guest Author Bio: Deborah Tayloe is a DIY blogger and publishes DIY Home & Garden. The Pennsylvania native now lives in North Carolina with her husband. Together, they are renovating their 1960s ranch home one room at a time.


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