Selling real estate can be quite a challenge to the inexperienced. With so many things to focus on it often feels as if a transaction is more about mitigating losses rather than maximizing profit. Factor in the fee you would pay to a full-service realtor and things become even more complicated.

That’s why using a flat fee realtor, to manage and sell your real estate property, makes a lot of sense. Offering the same benefits as many full-service realtors, you pay a fixed determined amount, meaning you avoid the commission system and stand to save money.

Looking for more tips surrounding the use of flat fee realtor services? Read on.


Getting the most out of selling with flat fee realtors involves setting a competitive and accurate price that competes in the market and catches the eye of potential buyers. Many services will help you price accordingly through doing a market analysis and comparing your offering to others similarly placed on the market.


Taking some time and effort to provide high-quality photos and even a virtual tour can really help make the difference when it comes to locating interested buyers eager to learn more about your real estate offering. Investing a little in quality professionals to take photographs can also go a long way in making your property stand out.

Think about first impressions and do your best to maximize them. Going with flat fee realtors involves a certain amount of initiative and commitment on your behalf when it comes to promotion and presenting an attractive offer.


Just like investing in quality photography and a virtual tour, staging and presenting your property in a clean and tidy way is also pretty imperative. De-cluttering is an essential activity when it comes to selling as viewers will be put off by mess and disorder and will struggle to get a real reflection of the potential of your real estate.

Creating a neutral space that allows buyers to explore and look at your offer for themselves, rather than presenting them with odd quirks that are unlikely to be appreciated, is very important.


What’s possibly more important than presenting your real estate property in as best light as possible? Showings.

When it comes to inviting in and showing potential buyers what you have to offer them, it’s absolutely critical you act in a professional manner. If they are bought in by their own realtor, better still that you leave both the realtor and potential buyer to their own devices.

Make sure people and pets are out of the space if you can and avoid arranging showings at busy times.


One final thing to take-away is the importance of keeping your listing brief and simple. Emphasize the notable features of your space but don’t waste listing space focusing on unnecessary elements or backstory. Put yourself in the mind of the buyer and deliver what you’d expect to be delivered were you the one buying.

Flat free realty services might mean you have to pay slightly more attention to the way you present your space but the benefits, especially in cost and support, are numerous.



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