For the people who have a great love for wine, they certainly collect a variety of wine bottles and keep them safe for their collection purpose. But what happens if there is not enough space for your collection storage?

In this case, don’t worry and don’t stop buying wine bottles. There are a number of at-home accommodations to store your collection the best way. Even storage units pembroke pines could be hired for stacking your precious collection of wine bottles.

So, given below are some tips which you should consider the next time you make a unique bottle purchase.

Standard Bottles

When you think about standard wine bottles you will obviously get the image of typical red and white like Bordeaux and Merlot, or Sauvignon Blanc.

These types of bottles have straight sides and are high-shouldered. They are actually consistent in shape and size from bottle to bottle is about 3” in diameter and it can be easily kept in the normal wine racks.

Storage Tip: Depending on the red or white variety, standard bottles can be stored well in a wine rack or in a wine refrigerator. If you want to store an off-site storage facility with wine accommodations then consider about storing these bottles along with the bottles for ease.

Wine Bottles

For everyday wines, wider bottles are quite common and are used for Burgundy wines. Varieties, such as Pinot Noir or Chardonnay are present in this kind. Comparing to the standard bottle, wide-bodied bottles have sloped shoulders and are much wider at the bottom of the bottle.

Depending on the part of France a wine actually comes from, the bottle can be not reasonably as sloped or more typically sloped. Usually, the bottles are 3.5” in diameter.

Storage Tip: Normally there are certain wine racks made for storing standard bottles. You should go for a custom rack which can hold any size bottle, a typical wine cooler or off-site wine storage.

Champagne Bottles

The diameter of a champagne bottle is 3.5”. These are also wide-bodied bottles, but they are, heavier, thicker and are under a great pressure. It is hard to store champagne bottles on the regular wine rack as they are quite heavy and huge.

Storage Tip:  Proper storage is important for these types of bottles due to the high pressure. You actually have to rearrange the racks in your wine cooler or refrigerator to put up and chill bottles of this percentage. In fact, you should look on for a local facility to keep your bottles for preserving the

Instead, look for a local facility to house your bottles to better preserve them for later use.

Large-Format and Tall Bottles

The upside-down champagne flute and large bottles are quite similar as they are with long, slender bodies and necks. Riesling comes in these typically lengthy bottles.

In addition, to show vintage, many wineries make extra-large bottles of wine. Even this is done for celebrations or commemoration. For example, a “magnum” which is basically a double-bottle, or 1.5 liters.

Storage Tip: Storing of these bottles is quite difficult. A customized storage unit near me can be the best option to accommodate length. Other interior spaces with a moderate temperature and humidity level should opt.

Thus, these are some of the types of bottles you get and by this, you can store accordingly.


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