The most popular property types in Spain

As you have probably already noticed, the property offer available on our website is very wide. It is due to the fact that Costa Blanca is an extremely unique and attractive location and therefore, filled with property at every price range and with various amenities.

The process of buying property may seem complicated since every client considers various aspects of property more important than others or operates with a different budget. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Find a good real estate agent! Make sure to find property tailored specifically to your needs.

In the following article you can be confident in finding the perfect property type for you. Read further to find out what property types await you on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Houses near the beach in Spain

Who wouldn’t enjoy living near the beach and having their own oasis at hand at any part of the day? Exactly. Therefore, investors from all over the world are particularly interested in property with terraces overlooking the sea and the beach. However, keep in mind that just because a property is located near the sea, it does not mean that it is flooded with tourists. Many of them are peaceful and quiet. Invest and see for yourself!

 See modern and luxury houses for sale in Spain!

Houses with swimming pools in Spain

Houses near the beach are very popular among investors in Spain. It is mainly due to the fact that it is one of these amenities that allows people to relax without having to leave the house and enables them to have their own spa at the fingertips. In addition, the investors may choose from various house types:

  • terraced houses,
  • semi-detached houses,
  • detached houses.

Luxury villas in Spain

This type of property is definitely targeted at clients with a bigger budget. Luxury villas mostly consist of several bedrooms and bathrooms, which provides more convenient living and resting conditions. Moreover, such properties include more amenities than a traditional house, e.g. a garage, a panoramic sea view or even an automatic irrigation system.

Modern houses in Costa Blanca

Many often wonder what qualities a modern house should have. The most important factors of a modern house are the following: simplicity, minimalism and spaciousness. It means that the property should not include too many accessories or furniture. The main aim of a modern house is to delight with elegance. Therefore, modern houses are the best solution for people, who are not afraid of large spaces.


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