When people think of real estate, they first see buildings, houses, land, and for sale signs, and then they automatically think of real estate agents and brokers. Though a large portion of real estate is done through a broker or an agent, there are many other areas and real estate professionals involved in any real estate transaction. For the sake of time and space in this article we will be discussing the topic of real estate agents and brokers and will define the difference of each. If you’d like to learn more please search for any real estate broker massapequa ny for more information.

Becoming and Staying an Agent/Broker/Realtor

It can be confusing for people who are not involved in real estate to understand the three terms given to real estate professionals. You may often hear the term broker, agent, or realtor and they all have different meanings, but basically do the same thing. They’re involved in the transaction of a piece of property which involves a lengthy process of paperwork. An agent is someone who has passed the licensing exam in their local jurisdiction. This is the starting point to a career in real estate. A realtor is an agent who has then joined the national association of realtors and are now set to a different standard and ethics. A real estate broker not only became part of the national association of realtors but continued his or her education to attain a broker license, with which he or she can then create their own brokers, recruit agents, and set a mark in the industry.

Now, let’s get into some pros and cons of being in the real estate industry as either of the three titles listed above. A positive aspect of being a real estate agent, broker, or realtor is that you have control over your own schedule. You can choose to do any of the activities that a real estate professional does, without having someone breathing down your neck. The other side of this is that because you don’t have a set number of hours to work, you’ll end up working too many or not enough. Another pro trait of being a real estate professional is the unlimited potential that can be gained from doing your job in the highest possible manner. You’ll have unlimited earning potential. The con to this is that there is no steady paycheck and the money you do earn has to be rationed out for the coming months until you get a new listing.

Finally, another good trait of being a real estate professional is that you will be making people’s dreams a reality by helping them choose and purchase the home of their dreams. The pro to this is that selling a house can be stressful and you may have to deal with irritating customers, but you always want to make them feel at ease to speed up the transaction.


In conclusion in this article we discussed the topic of real estate and provided three different titles that are given to real estate professionals. They all vary simply on the amount of education one has chosen to take. A real estate broker has the highest possible education in the real estate sector and can start his or her own brokerage, hiring other agents to work for him.


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