Country’s interest rate and real estate value keeps on changing. Some people connect it with the GDP while some say its due to government interest. However, we will focus on changing real estate trends and how should investors behave in such a scenario. The article is for those investors who are just flipping one or two properties in a month. Big names and real estate agents always know much about appraisals, and they are earning lots of money. However, small investors need helping information like san jose real estate appraiser is providing.

Here are some of the factors while going for an appraiser:


The current value is the value which is according to the cost of building and land. However, most of the appraisers count it as the depreciated value. Property and buildings are not like equipment. Their depreciation must be calculated smartly because no one can determine their real life. To change the price and costing, most of the appraisers change the current value.

Future Market Value

It can be considered as an average value being offered in the market. Alternatively, some investors also consider average value in comparison to other properties in the same area or locality. In reality, market value must be the value that various buyers are offering. If your buyer is offering low price, then do calculate its market value by taking an average from multiple properties same as yours.


It matters a lot. In case of houses and buildings, the buyer may consider the condition for giving an offer. So if you plan to flip a house then always renovate it. Better condition gives more price. Appraisers also inflate the pricing of houses and buildings with good condition.

Prospective Clients

There is a number of clients in the market. Finding for a single person is difficult. However real estate appraisers have got a list of a number of clients.

Final Verdict

At last, it is very important to notice that appraising a property’s value involve multiple factors. Moreover, you must not overlook any of these factors if you are planning to buy, flip or sell any property.


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