Whether you like it or not, dealing with problem moisture in your home or business is generally a fact of life. Even when a homeowner or business owner keeps the building in good condition with a quality roof, regular painting and maintenance, and so on, there are times when rising damp and small leaks lead to more serious problems.

Range of Services

You can depend on resolving those issues when you bring in the experts, a company that offers affordable damp proofing services in Richmond. These professionals are available to help with moisture causing:

  • Rotting window frames and floorboards
  • Damp spots on walls
  • Mortar crumbling on brick or stone walls
  • Wall stains
  • Lifting wallpaper
  • Flaking plaster
  • Paint that won’t stick

To deal with rising damp, wet rot, and dry rot, your specialist injects a special chemical cream-like substance that forms a strong barrier to the damp. In combination with the masonry, a strong water repellent forms to give you long-lasting protection.

Quick, Efficient

Without pressure or liquid involved, you can rely on the process to be quick and efficient. Your walls will dry quickly and will be ready for professional re-plastering that provides additional waterproofing. Once this process is complete, you won’t have to worry about a rising damp problem.

Don’t hesitate to call when you see obvious signs of excess moisture in your home or business. Call on specialists that offer a wide range of solutions for these problems. You’ll receive the same outstanding service already delivered to many valued customers.




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