Some people have been thinking when selling their house; they have to do some drastic renovations to increase their property value in the market further. Often, they focus on substantial improvements such as revamping the floor tiles, changing their landscape into some costly designs such as hardscaping, total renovations of their kitchen and bathrooms. By doing this, not only they will cost them a lot of money, but also precious time as well. Adding value to your house doesn’t need to be costly and time-consuming, there are other ways to improve your home that will increase its value.

Below are some simple, yet surprising things that add significant value to your house:

LED Landscape Lightings

Adding LED landscape lightings to your home is a beautiful way to illuminate your house at night, adding a warm, inviting atmosphere and an attractive curb appeal. It is environmentally friendly and cost effective since it uses less energy and can last for a very long time. It also adds security to the house at night because it will provide enough light especially to dark areas in your landscape preventing unwanted burglars to get some hiding place. With your LED landscape lighting installed, your house will look more beautiful and elegant since it will highlight your house architectural details, thus increasing its overall value.

Toilet Bidet

Sounds simple as it may seem, but adding some technological feature to your bathroom will make a positive impression in the market. Installing an American Standard bidet seat will make your toilet more classy and hygienic. Washing with water instead of toilet papers will reduce the chances of spreading bacteria since bidet seats will do the cleaning for you. It also comes with many beneficial features such as heated seats that adds comfort, massage that will provide additional relaxation, deodorizer and anti-bacterial protection for you to become not just to smell clean, but also bacteria free.

Laminated Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of revamping your kitchen as a whole, why not try to do a simple renovation that will make your kitchen new again. One of the best yet simple way to make your kitchen look as new is by having laminated kitchen cabinets. It can give an incredible effect on your kitchen and cost-effective at the same time. They are durable and resistant to moisture so the kitchen cabinets will most likely last longer. They are also easy to maintain and easy to clean, any dirt or splashes of grease can be easily wiped out making them look like new always. Laminated kitchen cabinets can come in various colors that can suit every style.

Home Security System

Arming your house with security system will shoot up its market value. Home security system brings a lot of benefits especially if the homeowner has a lot of electronic devices, precious jewelry and high-value appliances and items. It will deter crime such as burglary and robberies. Modern home security systems also come with a feature that allows you to monitor your house remotely as long as you have internet. Having such kind of system installed in your home will not only protects homeowners but also makes them comfortable and feel safer anytime.

There are lots of ways on how to increase the value of your house in the market, but instead of having a major renovation, try instead innovation like the things mentioned above, they’re simple to do yet they add significant value.


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