Choosing a property to suit your lifestyle is much more than just selecting a place for resting your head. When it is a matter of selecting a property for a place called home a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration the size, comfort, price of the apartment. There are however few additional factors that also have a major impact on every aspect of life like the location that affects majorly the commute time to the workplace, to grocery and to leisure time. There are various other factors that impact majorly on the level of satisfaction with new living situation and varies for every individual according to their prerequisites. Before choosing new properties carefully consider finding a house that fits your lifestyle and budget because a home’s layout can facilitate or hinders the lifestyle majorly. There are various new Projects in Andheri East that property buyers can select from according to their prerequisites.

  1. Find a House for Your Lifestyle

It is very important to evaluate the requirements and essentials one needs to look for before selecting a property. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms that will be needed, the house layout and structure and many more features to make sure that space matches the lifestyle. Since it is very easy to get carried away by wowed extras and lose focus from the important factors. The charismatic lawn consumes a lot of cleaning time. A dramatic sweeping staircase might seem attractive but can be stressful for the ageing knees whereas a basement room would be useless for small kids that require full-time parental custody. Henceforth if someone desires to purchase a house for lifetime evaluation of lifestyle is an important aspect.

  1. Accessing the Essentials

Every household requires grocery items. Henceforth before selecting a property, try exploring the nearby local shopping areas. If the grocery stores are almost at a distance of half an hour and more than the property is worthwhile to spend two hours of grocery runs. The property must have easy access to convenient stores, restaurants or grocery stores close by delivery for better convenience. A property with a higher price and limited choices of close by convenience store is not sensible.

  1. Evaluate the Surroundings

In addition to selecting a suitable property, the appropriate surrounding and neighbourhood is also a factor that needs to be considered. One should evaluate the type of lifestyle they prefer the way one spends their nightlife and weekends. How they spend their leisure time and then the neighbourhood should be researched well based on various factors such as the presence of open green space, nightlife, the convenience of shopping, kids-friendliness, running errands pet-friendliness and many more.

  1. Individual Factors

One should also consider the sleeping factor before buying a property. If you are a person who prefers a peaceful and quiet environment for sleeping or is a light sleeper, have a typical sleep and work schedule you may desire to thin down your apartment search to prefer top-floor apartments, garden-style apartments, and single-story buildings. The neighbours above the apartment can contribute in disturbing the sleep because of various noise sources such as children playing around at odd times, pets, walking sound from high heels, or night music or chatters can hinder the peaceful night sleep. This is the reason why top-floor apartments are expensive as compared to the lower–level apartments because of reduced sounds and better views. Similarly, if you have elderly members in the family top-floor apartments won’t be suitable for them to climb upstairs.

  1. Commute to Work

The apartments should be selected keeping in mind the important factor such as the method of transportation and the rental availability of various other transportation options. Having a clear idea of what is preferable can help in narrowing the search results. If the person is comfortable travelling through public transport select a property that is close to bus stands or public transit station, If the person prefers to travel by personal car then one should look for apartments with suitable parking. If one prefers to save the commute time by walking to the workplace look for apartments that are on a minimal radius close to the workplace to provide added convenience and financially beneficial to save transport expenses.


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