Sellers are looking to sell off their property as first as they can. So, the selected listing has to sell fast making as much money as possible.

For this, sellers look for high-profile realtors. If you are just starting out, looking for your first listing, you may have to knock many doors and make hundreds of unanswered calls. But, is that all you can do? Your career just like the career of a tutor looking for Mississauga tutoring depends on your profile, and how fast you can get clients.

So, how do you attract sellers and how do you build your profile? How do you become the go-to realtor when you have zero listings on your profile?

  • Highlight your unique skills using a brochure

Someone mentioned that you have to use money to make money. That is the case here. While spending money on a brochure, ensure that beyond looking cool and professional, it highlights your unique and selling qualities. Have a few copies printed and hand it out to the sellers you approach. The brochure will make you a lot more confident, and you will appear more confident than someone who tries to convince sellers orally.

  • Research and don’t stop researching

Unless you want to be disappointed on the first day, you should research. Learn about the neighborhoods, the market’s pricing, valuation, days on the market, the percentage of the list, and absorption rates. Even though you don’t have to have the exact figures at your fingertips. Having a solid foundation of the real estate scene will make it easier for you to land new listings.

  • It doesn’t hurt to ask

You could borrow listings from your colleagues or friends in the real estate industry. Just make sure that the listings you borrow targets the market you are looking to work with.

  • Creating leads and adding people to your database

Adding at least five people to your database, every day is a great place to start. As your database grows, take advantage of email marketing. Though you want to be consistent, send your personalized emails to your leads once a week. Your emails should be short. Include information about the new listing on the market. You could also add simple household tips that could be of help to any homeowner.

Don’t wait until your database has enough people for you to start sending emails. You need at least five people to start sending emails. Even one person would be a fairly good start.

  • Family and friends

You may not talk to them every day but, your friends and family are the best people to help you get your first listing. A simple message informing them that you re licensed realtor and that you are planning to build your profile could be all you need to land your first clients.

  • Set up a website

If you can set up a website and operate flawlessly, do it. Besides being a site with listings, you can include staging, pricing, renovation, and relocation tips that will fascinate sellers. Adding a pop up for subscriptions will increase your leads.

  • Social media

Even if you don’t like going live on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, your career could live off it. A live broadcast of an open house during the preview of the listing, or even highlighting one area of the house will send sellers, and even buyers your way. This works reasonably well because Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter notify followers that you have gone live, even after the end of the live session.

  • Open houses

Attending open houses is one of the best ways of getting clients or just generating leads. It works best between 4 and 6 when people drive home from work. The idlers and neighbors who just walk by could be your clients after a few years.

Other tricks include:

  • Using YouTube videos
  • Referrals
  • Networking events
  • Cold calling and door knocking
  • Facebook advertising
  • You can also use divorce attorneys to target divorcees
  • Home valuation landing pages and websites


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