If you have a garage that does not store a vehicle or if you just need another room, you should consider turning your garage into a flat. A garage can be turned into a flat or an extra room with minimal work. Depending on the date of your garage, the whole process can be completed in a weekend. To begin, you need to consider the floors, the walls, and HVAC.

The Floors

Your garage floors are typically made of concrete, which is not a great flooring material for a flat. Concrete is hard and stays cold during the summer and winter months. Also, your garage floor most likely has oil stains or automobile damage.  First of all, you should clean those spots before turning your garage into a flat. Many different methods and chemicals are available to clean spilled oil and other stains.

Then, you should decide what type of flooring you want. When considering your options, you should focus on the flooring’s heating and cooling capabilities rather than the aesthetics. Concrete is a conductor of heat, so you should choose an insulated flooring. If you insulate the floor, it will not transfer as much heat. You will have to pay a bit more, but you will save a considerable amount of money on your heating and cooling costs. However, the floor is not the only structure that needs insulation. When you choose the walls and doors, you should ask yourself what are the benefits of roller garage doors?

Roller Doors

In a garage, the door also serves as a wall. Therefore, a garage door is much bigger than doors in any other room, increasing its importance. To keep your garage at a comfortable temperature, you need a garage door that insulates your room. If you do not currently have a garage door, your garage is most likely colder or warmer than the rest of your house, depending on the outside temperature. The absence of a door allows heat to pass through, which increases the cost of your power bill. Therefore, the door’s insulation needs to be addressed if you are turning your garage into a room or a flat.

Fortunately, several different types of insulated garage doors are now available for selection. You do not have to compromise quality or safety for insulation. You can purchase a lightweight, strong, and well insulated aluminium door. Alternately, you can get an insulated steel door as well.

Your HVAC system may not have the capability to heat or cool the garage. Therefore, you can choose a space heater or a window unit, or you can extend your central heating and air. Equally as important, though, is purchasing a garage door that will contain the temperature. Your HVAC system is largely irrelevant if the room is not insulated.

In addition to the insulation, roller doors are great because you can open them very quickly and easily. It is the only room in your house that you can ventilate so thoroughly.


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