Are you thinking about purchasing a new commercial property? Do you consider leasing or renting a new commercial property? Well, you need to look for the best commercial real estate agent to help you with the transaction. Here are some of the things to look for in a commercial real estate agent.

  1. Experience

Of course, you can always settle for someone who is new to the commercial real estate industry but if you want the best results, it’s always prudent to settle for someone with experience. Keep in mind that commercial real estate is complex and difficult. As a result, any realtors in this niche have a harder time than those in the residential niche. Before choosing any commercial real estate agent, you need to find out how long they have been in business. Note that, some might mention that they have been realtors for the last 10 years but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have been handling commercial real estate all the time. Make sure their experience has been primarily in the commercial real estate niche.

  1. Honest And Ethical

Make sure you are working with someone who is honest and is involved in ethical business practices. Keep in mind that most of your investment decisions will be based on the information provided to you by the agent. That’s why you need the full picture before approving anything related to commercial real estate property. You need to do your due diligence and ask around for any prospective realtors in the commercial niche before settling on anyone.

  1. Tech-Savvy

Anyone with an aversion to technology, especially in the commercial real estate industry has no place there. When looking for an agent, you need to find someone who is tech-savvy and can access any required information upon a moment’s notice. On the other hand, the agent needs to be organized enough and use the relevant software to assist all the clients. Whether it is cloud technology or customer relationship management software, you need to find someone who knows the right tools to facilitate any real estate transaction in the commercial niche.

  1. Knowledgeable About The Commercial Market

Find a real estate agent who has the best knowledge about the commercial real estate market. Before investing in your next commercial property, you might a few questions that need answers and an agent with the best information should always be by your side. Additionally, the agent should have the required certifications as a sign that they are up to date regarding any trends regarding commercial property.

  1. Responsive

Commercial realtors can be quite busy but that’s not an indication that they should not be responsive to their clients or fail to put them first. They should always be accessible and keep you in the loop regarding any commercial property transaction you might be interested in. Yes, the realtor might be handling a few clients, but he/she shouldn’t discard your messages or fail to contact you altogether.

Keep in mind that a commercial realtor will help you make an informed decision regarding any commercial property. That’s why you need to do a lot of research before hiring anyone for the job. You shouldn’t hire someone who is simply looking for a commission check and fail to answer any questions you might have regarding a potential investment. If possible, find a realtor who can be accessed in more than one medium, including, email, telephone, SMS and social media, effortlessly.

  1. Strong Network

Keep in mind that commercial real estate is made up of strong and very trustworthy networks. That’s why you should hire someone with the right connections. Find a commercial realtor who has the right connections with contractors, attorneys, other realtors, architects and many more people. Basically, by working with this realtor, you can gain access to these individuals and many more. Additionally, the realtor should be represented by the best commercial real estate agency in the area. That way, you are rest assured that he/she has the right support and can get assistance whenever necessary regarding your commercial property investment.

  1. Reputable

Certainly, you can rely on a commercial real estate agent who is reputable. Start by asking for referrals and recommendations for the best commercial realtor. If you get more referrals to one individual, you are in luck. Additionally, you can check the official website of the commercial realtors to find out what the previous clients have been saying about him/her. If there are a lot of positive reviews, you are working with a professional. Also, before hiring the realtor, you can ask for a list of references to the previous clients. Contact them personally to find out whether or not they would recommend the agent to any other client and if the answer is yes, you can proceed to hire the agent for your investment needs.

  1. No Conflicts Of Interest

Most of the commercial realtors near me you will come across during your search are full service thus they represent both tenants and landlords. It might become a conflict of interest in some cases. For instance, if you are looking to buy, lease or rent any commercial property yet the agent you are working with is responsible for listing the property on behalf of the landlord, it will not work out for you. It is actually a bit questionable because the agent will be negotiating on behalf of the landlord to get as much money from you. Therefore, you need to do your research to make sure there are no conflicts of interest.

  1. Marketing Tools

Finally, if you own a commercial property and are looking to sell or rent it, you need to know beforehand how the agent will market it. With the rise of various types of technology, it is easy enough to make interested parties know about any available commercial property. However, you need a commercial agent who works tirelessly to help you find an interested tenant or buyer at the most affordable price. Make sure the commercial agent you are hiring is very transparent about their marketing tools regarding your property.


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