Housing Market in Orange County

As we all know the housing market is very hot and Orange County California is setting records.

House prices keep rising faster than peoples incomes and in places like Huntington Beach home prices are absurd.

Just a 3 bedroom house with about 1600 sq ft, only 2 miles to the beach can easily cost you $620,000 or more.

One great alternative to the soaring house prices in HB is to consider buying a condo instead.

Buying a Condo in Huntington Beach

Yes condos come with HOA fees, less square footage, and basically no outdoor living space, but they also have a cheaper sales price.

A beautiful 2 bd / 2 bath townhome in the Seascape community (in Huntington Beach) is selling for about $450,000.

When you compare that to the price of buying a home, you can see the drastic savings that come with buying a condo.

And in a case like the Seascape Community, residents are only 1 mile to the beach, which is worth quite a bit.


Benefits Of Owning a Condo In HB

Some of the advantages to buying a condo would be the amenities.

Most condos for sale in Huntington Beach offer a large list of amenities.

Common amenities are a pool, jacuzzi, tennis court, community clubhouse (for parties, etc.) and a garage.

And the big advantage is that the condos are so much more affordable, which also then makes your down payment a lot less.

We are not saying that a condo is better than owning a home, but it might be the more realistic option for building equity now.

Make Condo Buying Easy in HB

Buying a condo in Huntington Beach can be stressful and time consuming.

The best advice is to plan ahead and make sure you find a good honest real estate agent.

Huntington Beach only has about 200,000 residents, but it can seem like a million people when you’re competing to buy a condo.

Plan ahead and do your homework to make sure you get a good deal.


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