Right now Greece is one of the most profitable countries for buying real estate, because due to the economic crisis, the price level here has decreased by 40%, and the Greek government actively attracts foreign buyers by loosening the laws. Therefore, for example, recently, from 10% to 3% tax on the transfer of ownership in the purchase of housing has been reduced. And for those who want to buy a house worth 250 000 euros, it became possible to obtain residence permit and European citizenship, more information can be found by visiting real estate agency Greece.

Special attraction to Zakynthos give amazing bays, picturesque lagoons and indescribably beautiful color of the sea. Full of impressions cruise around the island with a visit to the most famous beach of Navagio and the Blue Caves.

  • Blue Keri Caves – unique grottoes filled with blue light reflecting from the water. Here in one of the caves on the rock you will see the face of the ruler of the oceans – Poseidon, carved by nature.
  • Navagio Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Impregnable rocks surround the bay, which is why you can only get here by sea. The name of this beach translated as a shipwreck, and it is associated with a real shipwreck, which occurred in the twentieth century. The skeleton of a ship carrying contraband tobacco lies on land and creates a surprisingly successful composition harmoniously blended into the landscape. This place recognized as one of the most photographed on Earth. You will have enough time to admire the sheer white rocks that frame the white beach. And our guide will tell the story of how and why the ship was just on this beach.

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Perhaps you will pick up a house near the place where the famous Greek poet Dionysios Solomos, the author of the Hymn of Freedom, lived, whose lines were included in the national anthem of Greece.

Wonderful weather, warm Ionian Sea and diving will fill your holiday with bright and unique colors of the underwater world of Zakynthos day after day. In Zakynthos, almost every dive, you will be able to meet the turtles of the carriage-carrett, dolphins, fur seals monakhos-monachos, various kinds of fish and crustaceans.

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