When it comes time to choose a fence around your home, you may be wondering which style is best suited to both your property and your lifestyle. Cost may also be an issue, but when you stop to consider just why you even want a fence around the perimeter of your property, a privacy fence may soon top the list. If you haven’t quite made up your mind between all the choices you have at your disposal, here are just 4 reasons why you might want to install a privacy fence.

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1. Privacy

Obviously, the primary reason to install a privacy fence is for just that reason – privacy! But, what does that really mean? A privacy fence enables you to live your life without being peered at by the outside world. Anyone would need to get quite close to literally stare through any cracks between the wooden boards to see anything at all and what they can see would be minimally intrusive. If you like your privacy, your own little oasis away from the world, a privacy fence should top the list.

2. Security

Most other kinds of fences just aren’t as secure as a privacy fence. Take for example a home where children or pets like to romp about in the yard. Chain link fences can easily be scaled, and little ones can actually get up and over in a heartbeat. Privacy fences can also be reinforced to keep would-be intruders out and it is easy to learn the various ways to reinforce fencing to make them ultra-secure. Privacy fences are also the easiest to reinforce because it is often only a matter of bolting on additional wood to secure the timbers in a manner which defies intrusion.

3. Aesthetics

Many homeowners want a privacy fence for the sheer aesthetics of a wooden fence. It is easy to grow lovely vines and shrubs along a wood fence and they withstand the elements much better than link fences which tend to rust over time. If treated, wooden fences can withstand the test of time and can maintain their natural beauty for many, many years.

4. Added Value

Since privacy fences are in such demand, they add value to the property. Any prospective homebuyer wants that added element of security to the home they intend to live in and so, if you ever want to list your home for sale, a privacy fence could boost the asking price significantly. It is a fact that improvements add value to property and of the many improvements you can make, privacy fencing is one that offers a high ROI.

There you have four of the top reasons to install a privacy fence around your home and if you think about it, you’ll find a few more as well. For example, that extra element of security may reduce your insurance premiums to some degree, which would also offset the cost of installation. Are you still considering which type of fence to install? You can’t go wrong with a privacy fence and that’s a fact.


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