Knowing when to replace your Mercedes engine could very well prevent you from having to spend a fortune on replacing everything else. Knowing when to replace the engine of your car is a good ability to have. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider before you go ahead and replace the car engine.

Are you encountering engine problems more often than you used to? Issues like excessive consumption of oil, loud sounds coming from the exhaust, rapid overheating, smoke coming out of the hood and other car issues may seem like isolated cases at first. When they start to pile up, boy, do they pile up.

Car engine issues to look for

Since car models are built differently every year, there’s not one specific thing that can be isolated when looking for an issue with a Mercedes engine. However, the most common suspects when it comes to engine failure are worn down parts. Bearings, valves, rings, and cylinders will all get worn down over time.

A car owner should always make sure that the car is maintained not only when it’s being used, but when it’s parked as well. Most car owners will know that a maintained vehicle will often drive better and look better than a car that’s only touched when it’s going for a drive. Simple things such as cleaning the paint job and replacing the oil can extend the lifespan of a vehicle.

Going to a mechanic

If you haven’t gone to a mechanic yet, it should be the first thing that you do. Don’t touch anything, but take note of everything that the car mechanic says upon inspection. Are they estimating that it will only take an oil leak fix or are they telling you firmly that the engine needs to be replaced?

Once the mechanic says that the engine needs to be replaced, haul it immediately to another mechanic. Ask them for their opinion without telling them that you’ve already gone to a different mechanic. If both of the mechanics tell you that the engine needs to be replaced, then it is safe to assume that there’s no band-aid fix to the issues that you’re experiencing.

Replacing the engine vs the car

The first thing that car owners think whenever there’s a major engine failure is to replace the vehicle itself. Although cutting losses may seem like a good idea at first, you should know that there’s a lot of money that can be saved by only replacing the engine if the right conditions are met. A remanufactured engine could potentially double the service life of a vehicle.

A car that hasn’t reached its expected mileage of retirement yet is a prime candidate for engine replacement. By replacing the engine, you’re saving yourself from lots of license fees, insurance costs, and even taxes. Replacing the engine doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to take out the entire thing and put a new one in. It can be done over a span of time.

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