The spectre of exorbitant home repair necessities is an ever-present possibility that tends to keep us up at night and to make matters worse, approximately 45% of householders in the UK have less than €1,000 saved in reserve for maintenance requirements.

However, industry experts agree that every homeowner should earmark at least 1% of his or her property value each year to account for upkeep and patch-ups, which equates to slightly more than €2,000 when considering the median home value in the United Kingdom.

This brief editorial will divulge some surreptitious warning signs of a looming roof issue and explain when you should contact your local roofing company in Weybridge.

Ascertaining Issues Before They Turn into Gargantuan Repair Bills

Roofing issues have a way of escalating and exacerbating quite quickly, which is why you should take some time to assess and scrutinise the condition of your roof once every three months:

  • Damp patches or water rings in your loft and upper wall sections
  • Arched, contorted, or warped tiles
  • Slumped or wilting eaves and drainage pipes
  • Visible light streaming through your roof
  • Green or olive-coloured streaks, which suggest a mould problem
  • Peeling paint or cracking sealant
  • Evident damage to your smokestack flashings
  • Stagnant, putrid smells in your attic or top floor

You don’t need a ladder or any special tools; a simple walkthrough and once-over will allow you to facilitate an adequate health check of your roof.

How Much Does it Cost to Refurbish a Damaged Roof?

If you spot any of these issues, you don’t need to panic or lose your nerve.

Your local roofing authorities will be able to devise a cost-conscious repair strategy and resolve any kind of predicament you happen to be faced with so don’t procrastinate or turn a blind eye to this essential responsibility. Being proactive will help you save both time and money.




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