Ask any professional janitorial services provider and they will agree that there are many places around the office that remain dirty, even if they don’t look threatening. Most people only look for the obvious signs of dirt, but forget about the microscopic bacteria and germs that are invisible to the naked eye. If you’re worried about keeping a sanitary office space be sure to clean these 7 notoriously dirty spaces thoroughly:

1. A Copier’s Start Button

Think twice before pressing the start button on your company’s copier because it is dirtier than the average school bathroom. This is mainly because everyone in the office touches the button without a second thought, allowing it to be a fertile breeding ground for colonies of bacteria. Plus, no one ever thinks of cleaning the start button! Next time, wipe down the button with a bit of alcohol before using it.

2. Office Coffee Pot Handle

Another common piece of office equipment that is notoriously dirty is the coffee pot handle. Too many people in the office use the coffee pot, but how many wash their hands after going to the bathroom? Be careful the next time you want to refill your coffee mug.

3. Elevator Buttons

The buttons of the elevator are very dirty and crawling with germs and bacteria. Everyone in the office building uses the elevator which means bacteria are transferred to and from the buttons regularly. Request for the janitorial services to do a routine sanitation of the buttons as often as possible.

4. Desktops And Laptops

The keyboard and the mouse you are using is probably filled with colonies of bacteria. We get so used to always being on our computers that we don’t give it a second thought. Be sure to always wash and sanitize your hands before and after using your computer to prevent the spread of bacteria.

5. Kitchen Sink

People at the office don’t bother to wash their own mugs and other kitchen utensils. They just leave it for the cleaning crew to take care of. This is a big mistake as too many dirty dishes lead to a bloom of bacteria and germs. Try to do your part and wash the dishes as soon as you’re done using them.

6. Pens

Pens are everywhere in the office and they go everywhere too. From the bottom of the floor to the mouth of an officemate, it’s guaranteed that the pen is home to a couple thousand colonies of bacteria.

7. Coffee Mugs

The reason why coffee mugs are so dirty is because of the sponge used to wash them. Most sponges are the perfect environment for bacteria to grow which are then transferred to the mugs. Rinse your mug before using it and regularly replace the office kitchen sponge!

While it is impossible to maintain a 100% bacteria free office space, practicing good cleaning habits will reduce their presence. Always wash your hands after going to the bathroom and keep a bottle of alcohol near you just to sanitize the area as often as possible.
A dirty workplace is a busy workplace, and that’s good for any business. However, if you need the help of a janitorial services to clean the office, contact HMS today.


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