There are many different kinds of window coverings that you can choose from nowadays. Previously, the only option available to homeowners as well as commercial clients was curtains. However, curtains were relatively difficult to maintain and would trap dust very quickly. If you left the windows open and the curtains drawn up, it wouldn’t take long before the curtains were dirty with all of the trapped dust. Furthermore, you couldn’t risk going near the curtains with a coloured liquid such as juice or a cold drink since there’s always a risk of staining.

Getting stains out of the curtains is quite expensive since you will need to send them to the dry cleaner right away. If you want a better option for use as window coverings, you should seriously consider going for plantation shutters. Perth plantation shutters are now available from many different stores throughout Perth and other cities. If you are looking for a better option than curtains for your windows, the plantation shutters offer an excellent choice. Here are some of the key benefits that these shutters offer.


If you want to play your role in saving the environment, the plantation shutters are a great choice. They are mostly made from recycled materials that will actually help in saving the environment. Most other materials that are used for making window coverings have to go through a lengthy manufacturing process that leads to greater emissions and waste production. However, plantation shutters are made from recyclable materials so even if you decide to get rid of them in the future, you won’t be contributing to the production of waste.


Anybody can break through the windows, open the curtains, and get inside your house. However, plantation shutters add another layer of security around the windows, making it much more difficult for people to get into your house easily. These plantation shutters are quite sturdy and very well built, which prevents people from simply shoving their way in. Curtains do not offer any benefit when it comes to security but plantation shutters are actually a much more suitable choice.

Light Control

The main feature that most people look for in different kinds of window coverings is the amount of light control that they offer. Plantation shutters excel in this field as well. These shutters can be opened or closed with the help of a simple lever that makes them a very viable choice when it comes to enhancing the privacy of your place. If you don’t want people peeking into your house, the plantation shutters are a great choice. They are also relatively affordable so it’s not as though you have to pay a significant premium for them.



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