Before contractors can start work on any building, they have to hire scaffolding erectors to set up the scaffolding around the building. While it may seem simple, the job of a scaffolding erector is quite complicated. They have to deal with the demands of the contractor, and make sure that all security measures are met for worker safety. Here are some things that you should know about scaffolding installed on a construction site:

  • The weight requirements must be taken into account
  • Worker safety is the priority, and the scaffolding is designed to be as sturdy as possible
  • The scaffolding often has to be taken down and reinstalled

Here are a few things that you should know about the work done by scaffolding erectors in Kent.

The Initial Installation

The scaffolding erectors will discuss the job with the contractors, who will give them an idea about the kind of scaffolding they want. In some cases, the scaffolding might need to be reinforced for lifting and carrying heavy weights to the higher floors. Work on the construction site cannot begin before the scaffolding has been installed.

Types of Scaffolding

In the past, most of the scaffolding work was done with wood. However, metallic scaffolding is now the popular choice, mainly because it’s lightweight and can be modified according to the changing nature of the work. The scaffolding erectors can easily install different kinds of scaffolding, such as moving towers and a proper scaffolding frame depending upon the needs of the contractors.



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