One of the best ways to sell a property is to go through an estate agent that charges a fixed fee. That way, you know exactly what you will pay once you sell a property. Normally, when you choose this type of arrangement, you can select from one of two packages. The more advanced package includes amenities that you really do not want to forego.

What Is Included in Estate Agent Sales Packages

When people choose the best buying homes in Chichester, they contact estate agents that also offer sales packages that feature a number of helpful amenities. These amenities include the following:

  • Photos and floorplans
  • Regular brochure
  • Marketing on a variety of sites including Facebook and Zoopla
  • Premium listing
  • Drone photos
  • Glossy sales brochure

Know What You Are Getting for What You Pay

If you go for a more enhanced package, Internet marketing, drone photography, and a glossy brochure are included. As the fee is set, you know exactly what you are getting for the amount you spend. This makes marketing and selling a home a more positive, streamlined activity.

Property Lettings

In some instances, clients use estate agents for the lettings of their properties. If you need to use an estate agent for these services, you normally will pay a percentage of the lettings commission from the yearly rent. You can either choose to pay a smaller percentage for finding a tenant and processing the rent or use fully-managed services for a slightly higher percentage in terms of cost.


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