If your boiler is faulty, you need to have the system replaced before you run into a higher repair bill. After all, you do not want to call out an engineer on the coldest night of the year. In fact, you do not want to make that kind of call on any cold or blustery night.

Reasons to Have a Boiler Replaced

If your boiler needs replacement and you want to avoid emergency boiler servicing in Ealing, it should be replaced. If you spend more money on repairs, you are simply throwing bad money after bad money. A boiler needs to be replaced if the following criteria apply:

  • The boiler is about 15 years old. Even if the boiler has not yet given you any problems, it is still coming to the end of its life.
  • Your heating bills are too high. If a boiler is ready to break down, it is working harder. Therefore, you will also experience higher costs in energy. If you want a boiler to provide you with optimum heat at a reduced cost, you need to install a new system.
  • You are experiencing cold spots in your home. If the boiler is not working properly, you will notice that certain areas of your home are colder than others. To ensure an even heat flow, you need to replace your heat system.

A Practical and Smart Solution

When scheduling a new boiler installation, also include the addition of a new thermostat. Thermostats are designed today so they allow for maximum heating comfort at a reduced energy cost. Therefore, making a boiler upgrade is not only practical but it is a smart thing for a homeowner to do.



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