Once you’ve organised one of the best home builders in Melbourne to build your dream home, your mind may turn to the interior décor. Building a new home can be an opportunity to reinvent spaces that in your previous house were somewhat neglected. But where to start? Chuck out all the furniture and start again? Become a Pintrest addict until you realise your budget won’t be able to stretch that far? If a designer interior decorator is not on the cards, you might consider organising your home according to Feng shui principles. As a very common practice throughout many Asian countries, the growing influence also found in Australia. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be into the philosophical side of energy balancing, Feng shui principles can offer many practical suggestions for when you are designing spaces.

The Bagua

As one of the fundamentals of Feng shui, this eight sided map resembling an octagon, divides your space into regions that delineate separate energy areas, You can orient this by determining where north is in your room and lining it up with the map. Although you most likely will be unable to physically alter your room too dramatically, you can place cures in certain areas that require attention in order to combat negative energies in this area of your life. Cures may include mirrors, water and plants.

Use of light

As Feng shui concerns itself with the flow of energy (or chi) to provide balance and harmony within a home, light is considered one of its strongest expressions. Steer away from having a dark house, which is hopefully not the case as a result of your structural plans. But if you find some dark corners, lamps are the simplest way to brighten up a space. Torchieres are great as they direct light upwards and then reflect it around the room. For spaces like bedrooms where rest mainly occurs, soft light works well, as do dimmers and subtle bedside lights.

Harmful lighting might include a direct view of a bright street lamp outside your windows. If this is your situation, especially in the bedroom, try to diffuse the effect through drapery or black out blinds. Practically, you’ll also find that bright lights will affect your sleep anyway, so they are best swiftly addressed.


As a symbol of wealth, water is a commonly used feature in Feng shui. Many people place water features like fountains both outdoors and (smaller versions) inside. Having one near the entrance to your home is considered to welcome wealth into your life, something many of us desire! If you can, have the water flowing towards the centre of the house. The sound of water is also considered relaxing to most people and can help refresh and relax a home’s occupants.

Getting more technical, water is best placed within North, East and Southeast Bagua areas of your house. Shapes and patterns may also take the place of water such as flowing lines on a rug or painting.


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