Performing a design build is when design and construction services are done in conjunction with one another, to either remodel or newly construct a space. If you are considering a design build, there are a few steps you can take to get started.

Step 1: Analyze your space

As you decide to start with a design build, you should ask yourself a few questions and examine your space:

  • How is your space currently being used? 
  • How much time is being spent in each room?
  • Are any rooms not being used at all?
  • Do some areas have too much space, while others have too little?

After you have studied which areas need to be improved, then you can decide how to utilize your space properly. You can choose if you need all the rooms you currently have or if you can combine some space to make rooms bigger. If you are designing an office space, you can ask your employees what they think of the design or what might improve their productivity. 

Step 2: Create a design brief

This is an important start to your design build, as it is a fully written document outlining your entire process. In your design brief, you should include your vision for your new office as well as your goals from performing a design build. You should also outline your business needs. This should consider the values of your brand.

You might even consider asking for opinions from different departments. If your business uses large amounts of technology, consider where these might be placed and how you need to design energy sources in accordance with this. Storage, ventilation, and emergency exits are other aspects to take into consideration.

Be sure to truly examine how your workplace functions and attempt to create your design brief with the future in mind. If you are only building for what you do now, you may need to expand or change your plan in a few years. The most important aspect is to be able to anticipate growth or at least be able to manage change with your new space.

Step 3: Set a budget

Although you might be unsure where to begin, you might have a top number in your head that would feel uncomfortable to go over. You do not want to get into designing and building your dream situation, only to find out your budget has been met while halfway through. 

Make a budget that you feel comfortable with and always make sure to get a true estimate before you begin. Design and construction costs will be different in every building, and without a budget, you may end up with a number you are uncomfortable with.

Step 4: Hire the right design-build team

Above all, you will need to hire a team that you trust. Hire a well-organized, honest, and accredited designer. You should feel listened to when explaining your budget and ideas, but also feel you can trust the judgment of whomever you are hiring. If you are looking for all these qualities to complete your design-build project, contact Milo Construction, a Denver Design-Build team.


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