Many people are not too sure exactly what the work of a chartered surveyor comprises. This is because there are many variations in this profession that one cannot describe precisely.

The job of a chartered surveyor involves property, constructions, and land. A client may require them to examine a building for any possible structural defects plus its value or maybe offer professional advice concerning the building among other environmental issues.

Below is what a chartered surveyor does concerning commercial property:

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. (RICS)

After the year 1999, all Rics members were known as chartered surveyors and clients would receive information regarding the surveyor’s specialism. This was after the year 1999 when Rics classified them by their formal designations.

To be a RICS member, you have to complete a degree in building construction. For further accreditation, you will need to acquire other qualifications in areas like; geography, science, economics, maths or land studies.

RICS offers an added accreditation to persons who have completed property and construction-related degrees, alongside some training before becoming a member of Rics fully. This is to ensure that Ric members attain relevant and qualified certifications and continuing professional development.

Commercial property surveyors.

Normally, a surveyor will play a very significant role between a tenant and a landlord or between land or building seller and the purchaser. Their services which include a list of rules that one must abide, procedures for asset valuation and guidance on best practice are very important aspects needed by their clients. Other crucial areas that surveyors deal with include; industrial, office, leisure and retail.

Are you in commercial property?

In whatever capacity you will need a commercial property surveyor in one instance or another especially when you are in of property valuation. This is a very important skill needed during investment opportunities, accounting, taxation issues, and bank lending.

One can also need a surveyor when selling, buying or leasing a property, or when negotiating between buyers and sellers. In cases where parties have disagreed, Ric’s surveyors can act as perfect negotiators since they are equipped with skills and can also offer advice on how to avoid conflicts.

Ric’s surveyors also resolve disputes that emerge in instances of building contracts, planning cases, renewal of leases, rent reviews and boundary disputes.


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